Judge's Approval Form
This form must accompany all endorsement requests.
         ISI District IV
2007 - 08 Competition Judging Acceptance Form


Date & Location                                                                                                

Director & contact information                                                                                


By signing below I accept the following conditions of endorsement applied by District IV of the Ice Skating Institute
for the above named event.  I understand that failure to comply with these guidelines, could impact my ability to obtain
 future endorsements. 

        A complete schedule of all judging panels, by event, will be provided to Christine Wilson Brinton,
        District IV Director, either by email at Chris@Sk8brinton.com or by fax at 410-827-7764, at least
         seven days prior to the start of the event. 

        Included with the schedule requested above, will be a listing of the current ISI Associate
         member numbers, as well as current judging certification levels of all participating judges,
        both of which will be verified with the ISI Dallas national office.  Any individuals who are
         found not to be current in either membership or certification will not be allowed to judge,
        until all issues are corrected.

        Every attempt should be made to construct judging panels that are composed of three judges
        representing three different rinks.  Under no circumstances should an event be run with three
        judges on a panel representing the same rink at any inter rink event.

        All panels should be constructed so that Judge One is Gold certified and can also serve as the
         referee on the panel if necessary.  Panels above FS 1 should always have a separate referee.

        All panel referees must be gold certified.

        Please copy the ISI Judges Code of Ethics and include on all judge's clipboards.

        The host rink is responsible for supplying the judge's stand with the most current copies of all
        ISI handbooks and publications, an adequate supply of sharp pencils and at least TWO stop watches.

        I agree to provide all judging sheets and competition summaries should an audit of the event be
        deemed necessary by District IV.

        I agree to provide District IV a complete list of event results, including the names of all skaters
         participating on teams.

        I accept the above        

                                Signature Competition Director                                Date

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